Donations Needed

Joi usAlways welcomed
Thank you for supporting Double M Ranch and our work! Please join us as we continue to build a broad base of support through individuals', civic groups, foundations and businesses.  Your donation will help us build and sustain this unique and innovative program that can/will change the path for many veterans.
At the moment, we are not able to except credit cards on - line. The staff at Double M Ranch are working diligently to resolve this issue.
We ask, Please send money donations to Double M Ranch by US Mail or in-person.  
Double M Ranch
Linn, WV    26354
The best news  is:  Double M Ranch receives all the donation for the Ranch.  No service fees are taken out!
Please, give us a call during business hours for questions, information, to visit the Ranch or for other reasons.
Call anytime for a veteran in need or farm animal/equine rescue.
Phone: (304)460-8180
Business hours         M-F   9am to 6pm

The Ranch has many donation needs

The Ranch has many ways you can donate.
your time, clothes,boots/shoes, hygiene and washing product, household goods, food, animal needs/food, equine needs/grain,calf starter, hay, farm equipment. Farm animals, supplies, and so much more.

Providing Hope For Our Veterans

Please, Help our Veterans and animals in need with your generous donations. By giving, you are saving a life! And providing hope to this remarkable group of people and animals.
Around, 22 Veterans a day, take their own life, due to the struggles of coping with civilian life and PTSD.  Hundreds of animals lose their lives each day, due to mistreatment, neglect, starvation and euthanasia.
One by one, we can help prevent these needless deaths.
Thank You for being that one remarkable, special person, helping Double M Ranch with achieving our mission. 


Our veterans are in need of many things.
A warm bed
Ad so much more.


DMR is always in need of Food donations
meats,Fresh vegetables, Fresh fruits, canned goods, water, juice, milk.  
All food donations welcomed.


Donations of housing,
material to build housing, tools, power tools. plumbing, electrical, all needs for housing.
Please, Help us expand our housing, so to help more veterans in need.

Ranch Animals

  • Equine Donations
    Will rescue Epuines in need
     Donation needs:
     Blankets, Saddles, halters, all riding gear, brushes, worm meds, fly prevention, hay, grain,Farrier, grain bins, All needs needed.
    These wonderful animals are a big part of helping veterans.
  • Cattle/Calves
    Will rescue Cattle/Caves in need
    Donation Needs:
    Grain, Hay, water troth, barn cleaning supplies, grain bins, Dewormer medication, help pay for vet visits, fly prevention, all cattle needs.
  • Fowl
    Will rescue Fowls in need
    Donation needs:
    Feed,Feed bins, feeders, and more.
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  • Domestic Animals 
    Donation Needs:
    Dry food, canned food, food bowels, water bowels, leashes, collars, harnesses, coats, sweaters, toys, brushes, flea medication, veterinarian visits, all needs needed.


If you would like to donate non money donations, Please contact us.We look forward to hearing from you.
 Business hours:  M-F  9am to 6pm
221 Indian Fork              
Linn, WV    26384