Our Ranch Animals

We always wanted to make something great.

Welcome to our Animal Page!

Meet our newest members to The Ranch.

Recon Red

Arrived July 8 2017                                                           This little guy loves to eat and follow you around. He gets one Bottle of milk and one bottle of water with a little milk 2x's day each feeding. Gets bottle of water during the day

 Thunder and Molly

new photos soon

Cpt Buddy

Our new mini  
photos soon


new photos soon

enjoying the sunshine!

Nice day to be out.


Growing up fast!


Buster the cow arrived in Dec 2017. She due to have a calf in April or May 2018.  


Double M Ranch Inc. Rescues Animal.
Our Team rescue all types of animals.
DMR's goal is to make sure animals life will be filled with happiness, joy and lots of love and care. Ok, Spoiled!  Very Spoiled...
There need for love and attention is great.
Many have never know love or kindness, Or the tender touch of a hand.
They have Only know fear and pain.
Here at Double M Ranch, these wonderful animals -will- know love and a tender,gentle hand.
They will know the feeling of security and safety here on the Ranch,  till the day they cross over the Rainbow.

Farm Animals

Saving these wonderful animals brings joy to our hearts. Every animal wants love.
They have a right to be loved.


Our goal is to train many for Therapy and service animals


All of God's creatures, great and small, feel pain. They feel happiness, morn for a loss of of their own. They cry, feel sad, they get mad, and they know love.