The Mission

Growing Hope for Military Veterans

Double M Ranch is a haven for all Veterans, to experience the feeling of safety, self-worth, feel needed, and help work thru their struggles.

Double M Ranch is dedicated to the treatment of Veterans suffering with PTSD and other needs, in the tranquil and natural setting of a Ranch. We are committed to improving the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our Veterans, ensuring that this remarkable community of heroes has the opportunity to succeed - To give Veterans passion, purpose and service again for a lifetime. 

War wounds the mind and soul.

The War We Fight - never ends:

For many veterans, war doesn’t end when they come home. It continues - attacking their mind and soul. The enemy seems to be winning. Around 22 veterans take their lives every day!

PTSD can manifest itself in the form of anger, anxiety, depression and social withdrawal, dangerous life choices, addiction, homelessness and possible suicide.

. It is Deep-rooted wounds that are related to unresolved grief, distrust of everything and everyone; unforgiveness of self, bitterness, loss of identity and self-worth.

Double M Ranch is safe, private, and veteran-led

 Ensuring that this remarkable community of heroes has the opportunity to succeed - To give Veterans passion, purpose and service again for a lifetime

The Mission 1

We at Double M Ranch for veteran’s program understand the importance of a community environment. Looking forward to meeting you and share our life together with fellow service members, veterans and their families. Come Plant a garden, tend to the animals or just watch their silly antics. Help us Work on buildings, or help with a chicken pen, or take a walk through our gardens; everyone is invited to come, stop in, and make new friend, meet old friends.
Double M Ranch is a peaceful, safe and healing atmosphere to cultivated, to grow, and help healing take place. Many special events will be offered to help the community to grow and share all opportunities available.
Our veterans give back to their brethren, a very important aspect of the farm community.  Many veterans feel useless, worthless, that they have nothing to offer.
Double M Ranch Is an environment created for sharing. Veterans through the sharing of needs, with safety of the experience, share what they have learned. DMR Veterans are a blessing to those who first come to the Ranch.
To those Veterans having a struggle or a "bad day," We will share each other’s burdens and together we will be strong.

Other local Veteran/related groups are welcome to use the facilities for their meetings and gatherings as well.

The Mission 2

Raising Funds, donations, grants for Mission 2.
Property 60+ acres for Ranch suitable for farming, raising animals, cattle, Building of housing, barns and more
Finding local, state, and federal funding/help be involved in ranch
Finding private and public organization to help/funding is involved in ranch programs
Finding local, state, and US companies to help/funding be involved in ranch programs
Finding Colleges to help/sponcer and be involved in ranch programs
Finding people to volunteer their skills, teach veterans
IE: dog grooming, training horses/dogs, training service animals, agriculture, husbandry, etc.

Immediate Goal -

-Housing for veterans and staff
-The goal is to provide veterans with a place to stay, live, thrive.  
Great need for volunteers
We have many opportunities for volunteers to help in every phase.
-Phase One - Securing the finances
-Phase Two - Engineering the designs and layouts of these dwellings
-Phase Three - Building these dwellings
-Phase Four - Filling home with love so that each veteran will feel special
*On Going - when a veteran comes to the ranch, local families will be needed.
Adopt a veteran while they are here.
-Providing a hand up
-Joining local activities throughout the area
-Praying for their healing while at the farm
-Sharing hope,  
-Celebrating victories every step of the way
*As a community, we can support veterans on their journey.
Volunteers would be invited to Double M Ranch Retreats
Opportunities will also be available on the Double M Ranch

The Mission 3

Residential Veterans

Mission 3 is under construction.

Goal - Housing for Veterans in short and long term need in 2017/2018.
Veterans suffering from PTSD and other needs, to have a helping hand.
This part of the program gives housing for the veteran for temporary or a life time.
Every day Veteran will have their normal cleanup/chores, learn principles of REBOOT, interact with a mentor, train.  
Each day is a new step in veteran’s life to learn Ranch life and to become a part of the Ranch.
Housing, at first will be for male veterans but are praying for opportunity for expansion to include female housing.
As part of this Program, veterans will be part of a very scheduled environment that offers them opportunities to learn new skills, contribute to the community. Skills such as Animal husbandry, self-sustainability, mechanics, welding, construction, and other programs.  Giving veterans the opportunity to find a craft that will be fulfilling and meaningful as they transition back into a purposeful life.

Love is a great Thing.  Smile every day! Laugh like there is no tomorrow!